Permanent Valet Provision

The initial foundation of our operations, Jeffrey Ross started Northern Valet as the provider for Centro Wine Bar and Grill. Since then we have developed relationships with many of the city’s finest dining establishments. Our valet service offers a luxurious experience that is not only appreciated but oft times expected by Toronto’s more discerning clientele.
In some cases valet is not just an added luxury, but also an essential to increasing your patronage. In areas where parking is limited and potential customers are driving by, our valet service increases your visibility, creates differentiation from the competition and turns potential customers into loyal patrons.

If you have up-scale clientele and/or a difficult parking situation, our valet (or directional parking) services could be an essential for your business. Increase your store’s visibility from the street and capture the attention of potential customers. Extend a welcome greeting to drive-by traffic and increase your patronage. Proud supplier for Mastermind Toys and Sportchek.

Potential clients have enough excuses not to go to the gym; don’t let parking and ease of access be among them. Differentiate your club from those of your competitors. Offering valet shows your current customers that you are committed to providing them with great service and want them to use the facility. For potential clients, it adds a certain allure that shows your club is a cut above. Proud supplier for Mayfair West Racquet & Fitness Club.

A great option for luxury hotels and condominiums, valet makes it easy for your guests and tenants to access your building. Whether parking is limited or abundant, you do not want your guests first impression to be that of an underground parking lot. Already running an in-house service? Consider out-sourcing and let us handle the logistics, hassles and liabilities that come from running a valet service. We can also supplement your existing operation with our professional team. Proud supplier for The Four Seasons, Westin Harbour Castle, St. Regis Residences and The Thompson Hotel.

Our full valet is a perfect fit for Casinos. With typically large parking lots, a long walk from the car (especially in inclement weather) may deter some patrons from coming in. Valet alleviates this concern and allows every customer easy access to your facility. Offer a value-added service by rewarding loyal customers with free valet, or generate revenue by implementing a per-vehicle charge for all patrons. Full year and seasonal service plans available. Proud supplier for Woodbine Entertainment Group.

Event Valet Provision

Event Valet Parking is a luxurious service that adds an extra level of care for all attendees. If you want to make a statement, or need practical solutions to existing parking limitations, valet is the answer. With a comprehensive understanding of all variables, our team can design a solution for any type of event. Our staff is well trained in both driving and customer service, and above all they present an image of quality and prestige. There are no limitations or restrictions to the type or size of event we provide for, from small intimate social gatherings to huge multiple location events; we take great pride in handling them all. Make sure to take full advantage of our Designated Driver Program to ensure every guest arrives home safely.

Although not as luxurious as full valet parking, a directional parking service can help alleviate the difficulty of finding parking around your venue. Making the entranceway more visible, our uniformed staff greet guests on the curb and direct them to parking spaces. As with all of our services, customer service is paramount. Our directional staff open car doors for drop-offs and help with parcels etc. This service is a cost effective parking solution that definitely adds value for the patron.

For events where an extra level of service is required, our doorman/concierge service is a great option. With this service our uniformed staff greet patrons, open doors, assist those in need, provide umbrella coverage, and generally control the entranceway by hailing cabs and controlling the flow of limousines. This option provides another way to boost the prestige of an event in a very cost-effective and customer-centric manner.

Northern Valet is able to provide private drivers for shuttle services around the GTA and southern Ontario. Our drivers are courteous, safe and knowledgeable. Typically serving celebrities and dignitaries, we pick-up your VIP(s) at the airport and then drive them to events, restaurants, parties and wherever else they may need to be. The driver provides your VIP with a cell-phone number in order to provide greater service and enable the running of any required errands. Should the service be required for multiple days, we ensure that each VIP has a specific driver assigned to them for the entire time of their stay. 

 We have driven for such dignitaries as:

Al Gore, Sarah Ferguson “Duchess of York”, Bill Clinton, Michelle Yeoh, Sarah McLaughlin, Miranda Richardson, Terry Gilliam, Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Kenneth Cole, Kelly Rowland… and many others..